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Detective Darwin is a private investigator, a single human stranded on a planet full of blobby aliens with sophisticated cycle of evolution. Followed by his alien assistant, Mendel, and using his amazing skill of relation deducing, he solves various cases in order to fix broken families. There are 5 cases to solve, aliens are randomly generated. 

The core idea: aliens have certain properties (leg count, eye count, colors…), there are specific rules of inheritance for each of these properties. Your task, as a detective, is to find a certain alien within a given group, using these rules. It might be a long-lost children, elderly parents or step-brother.

I could not resist and instead of making a simple game, I made it too complicated… I had fun, might be fun for you as well, if you have patience to get familiar with the rules.

As pointed out by smart players, evolution does not work by making averages (as suggested in the game), instead selects one parent to inherit the traits :D

This game was created in less than 24 hours during Ludum Dare #24 compo – the theme was “Evolution“. The game ranked #50 of 1006 games in Innovation and #36 in Humor category.

Date: 08/2012
Tools: vim, haXe, GIMP, sfxr


LD24_Detective_Darwin_jarnik.exe.zip 3.6 MB
LD24_Detective_Darwin_jarnik.swf.zip 794 kB

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