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miNOMalism is a minimalistic food chain ecosystem simulator, with you being its lowest part. However, thanks to pheromone distribution, you can control bigger creatures and keep the races from going extinct and thus the whole ecosystem in a balance. The game was created during one weekend for Ludum Dare 26, the theme was “minimalism“.

Team: Eatacay (concept, graphics, music), Jarnik (gameplay, programming)
 Date: 04/2013


  • ARROW KEYS – move


PLAYER – control the tiny purple creature GOAL – don’t let any race go extinct FOOD CHAIN – reds eat yellows, yellows eat green, greens eat YOU PHEROMONES – run through pheromone pools in the corners to attract corresponding creatures HUNGER – each creature is either hungry or full MATING – two full creatures of the same kind can give birth to an offspring

Edible Games at Babycastles

In September 2016, miNOMalism was shown at Edible Games event at BabyCastles (NY), having its own fabulous arcade with mossy keyboard!


LD26_miNOMalism.zip 4 MB

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