A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Date: 01/2012

“I have been jogging in a park, while sudden darkness creeped in…” 

Controls: SPACEBAR

I have never participated in a Mini LD and wanted to give it a try, besides the theme seemed quite intriguing. Instead of the whole weekend, I have dedicated just around 6 hours to this Mini LD. 

I have completed all three of my personal goals: make a game in haXe, create sound effects from recordings and complete the prototype.
The game has 4 stages and is controlled just by the SPACEBAR. I have thoroughly enjoyed making monster sounds.  

Tools: vi, haXe, Flixel, sfxr, autotrack-c, GIMP

This game was created in less than 6 hours during Mini Ludum Dare #31. A simple one-button game with focus on atmosphere.


MiniLD31-NightWalk-jarnik.exe.zip 4 MB
MiniLD31-NightWalk-jarnik.bin.zip 6 MB
MiniLD31-NightWalk-jarnik.swf 391 kB


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This video contains two short demos and Night Walk is the first in the video.

The game is obviously very short, but it was an enjoyable experience, and it’s very interesting to see what can be done with the use of one button, pixels and sound design. While it’s not the most terrifying short game ever, it certainly achieves what it set out to do!

Here’s the video for those interested:


Thanks for playing and sorry about the game being so short :D

It was more of a minimalistic test of a gameplay idea and I was limited by the time and tools I had at hand at the time.

Keep up the good work!