A downloadable game for Windows


Collect all the stars with your planets. The best way is to put planets on stable orbits.

As we're in a grand scales here, a planet has to run EXACTLY (actually closer than 1 AU) over a star to collect it.

Levels are auto-generated, there is always at least one solution.


  • only one planet can be selected at the time and moved, you can switch between planets
  • click and drag a selected planet to move it
  • game can be controlled via mouse (also wheel zooming) or following keys:
  • SPACE ... start / stop
  • + / - ... zoom in / out
  • Q / W ... speed up / down
  • A / S ... select next / previous planet
  • H ... hint (puts planet in correct place)
  • R ... rebuild level


Planetix.exe 7.8 MB
Planetix.swf 94 kB

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