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What's the mission of the S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. - Super Sexy Swiss Cardio Frenetic Ambulance Transplant Team?

To deliver a living heart along with some MASSIVE FUN!


P1 steers the wheel to avoid volcanoes, unicorns and pirate ships, P2 massages the heart and P3 sweeps the blood off the windscreen - all of them sharing the same game controller.


  • reach the hospital (remaining kilometres display)
  • avoid loosing health (red progressbar)
  • give heart a massage according to graph (press SPACE at yellow markers)
  • avoid all obstacles, except the ambulance car
  • hit ambulance (red car with white cross) to gain a bit of health
  • avoid ANGEL OF DEATH, will kill you instantly


The base of this game has been created during Game Jam Prague, which was a part of the Global Game Jam 2013. The theme was “a sound of a heartbeat”. We came up with a really idiotic idea – you are driving an ambulance, while consantly giving a massage to a heart meant for transplantation. The blood from the heart is squirting on your windscreen, that you have to wipe to see the road and avoid the obstacles. With such a brilliant idea, we had no other option than just to get make it happen.

Why Swiss? The ambulance should have been a white car with a red cross. We've got it mixed up and since the white cross on a red field is a flag of Switzerland - voilá, we've got ourselves the theme!

The Authors

S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. is a joint project of Please Wait ( Syky & Moti ) and Jarnik.

We are a group of fellow indie developers, making games that we want to play.

Follow us: @Jarnik | @Syky | @Moti

Reviews & mentions

Featured obstacles:

  • iceberg
  • volcano
  • cake
  • Godzilla
  • UFO
  • unicorn
  • witch’s hut
  • car
  • burger
  • angel of death
  • spider in boots
  • pirate ship
  • Superman


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