A downloadable game for Windows

The theme is Slavic myths and legends, the game is a small adventure with a bits of arcade. This game began as a one-weekend game jam team project. 

However, it took another 6 months (not enough time and motivation for debugging on my side) to make it playable and a bit more complete.


  • LEFT / RIGHT - walk
  • SPACE - interact
  • TAB / I - open inventory
  • ESC - menu

Team@PetrAugustinYuffie@Sykysan, Moti, jarnik

Series of post-mortem articles: http://gamedevbrno.blogspot.cz/search/label/mockingbird 


ToKillAMockingBird.zip 16 MB
ToKillAMockingBird.swf 12 MB


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It's an adventure game with a nice style to it in both the audio and the visuals. Has some humour to it, which is nice. The main character's walking looks funny too, although I'm not sure if that's intended. Not an easy game to start with the possibility of death around every corner. The death scenes make for a bit of trial and error gameplay, but it's interesting to try to advance the story nevertheless.

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