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I know this project is on hold but is this usable with the Godot game engine?

I only used it with Unity, but it is written in C#, so it could work with Godot, too.

Working on new and hopefully more portable version :)

Can be used into Unity 3D?

Yes, I am using it in Unity.

Sadly, my current game is moving from using branching dialogues, so I will not have a need to develop Verbal any further at this point.

Very nice! Will consider donating (when I have enough money)

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doesn't launch for me on osx Yosemite


Thanks for reporting and sorry! The project is put on hold now, though :/

If I ever revive it, I'll check if you're still around for a possible retest.

the editor on linux crashes when you try to save

how do you use the editor?

Cool tool: I had the same idea some time ago but never got to actuallly program it...
Will this support XML export?