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It ’s a great project!

However, my native language and Japanese are not displayed. Will it be displayed if the font is changed? What should I do?

Thank you!

Thank you for considering the tool! Unfortunately this project is not in development anymore and the last editor version supports english font only.

Here are some great dialogue tools you might want to consider instead:


I know this project is on hold but is this usable with the Godot game engine?

I only used it with Unity, but it is written in C#, so it could work with Godot, too.

Working on new and hopefully more portable version :)

Can be used into Unity 3D?

Yes, I am using it in Unity.

Sadly, my current game is moving from using branching dialogues, so I will not have a need to develop Verbal any further at this point.

Very nice! Will consider donating (when I have enough money)

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doesn't launch for me on osx Yosemite


Thanks for reporting and sorry! The project is put on hold now, though :/

If I ever revive it, I'll check if you're still around for a possible retest.

the editor on linux crashes when you try to save

how do you use the editor?

Cool tool: I had the same idea some time ago but never got to actuallly program it...
Will this support XML export?